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Our Awesome Team

DelTron is a team of young college entrepreneurs coming from mechanical, computer, electronic engineering and business education backgrounds. Our inspirations came across each other’s at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Collectively, our team has successfully led multiple projects during college and made constant achievements in international robotic competitions.


Rian Cheng

CEO, Founder


Ted Li



Peter Zeng



Ria Chen

Business Director


Harry Gu

COO, Mechanical Engineer


Jim Jing

Electrical Engineer


Feng Gao

Senior Electrical Engineer

Be the Director of your life

A year ago, Deltron embarked on a journey to redefine the way people record, create and share life’s moments – to empower creators with a tool to share their visions with the world.

Thus Vimble was born, our first handheld gimbal that enables anyone to turn vibrant moments into cinematic memories.
Be the director of your life!

As Awesome as an Owl


Cramped in a tiny university lab, a bunch of geeks were brimming with excitement as their first prototype emerged from a 3D printer.

Although impractical and barely functional, this first attempt marked the beginning of DelTron’s story.

Like that of many other startups, our story is about failures and successes, obstacles and opportunities, but most importantly, determination to make our childish dream a reality.We learnt to stay “as wise as an owl”, always alert and moving ahead steadily,however uncertain and unstable the path ahead may be.

The owl is a twofold symbol of Vimble.The bird’s unique nature to control and stabilize its head independently from its body perfectly represents Vimble’s ultimate purpose. Meanwhile, the owl’s inherent wisdom and vigilance are the ideal characteristics every member of our startup seeks to embody.

With that in mind, our team has strived to imbue Vimble with all the greatness of an owl. A three axis stabilization mechanism complemented with the ViCam app provides a wide angle. With advanced night mode and face tracking capabilities, Vimble truly allows photographers and videographers to elegantly capture moments like an owl captures its prey.Through the eyes of an owl, Vimble envisions a new way to record every moment of your life.